TODAY – Special Missionary Christmas Offering. The amount received will be divided between our missionaries as extra Christmas gifts.

MONDAYS – For the next 2 Mondays there is NO Christian Heritage School class.

NOVEMBER 7thAll services Pastor & Mrs. Steve Anderson will be here. He is the Field Representative for Baptist World Missions overseeing and encouraging missionaries in many foreign countries. He and Martha are a great furlough replacement team.

NOVEMBER 21stWe will have Brother Bruce Malone celebrating Creation Day.

DECEMBER 5thDuring Junior Church will be Birthday Party for Jesus. Special packets will be made to share with grandchildren or young friends who will not be able to attend. Please sign your name and the number of packets you would like to have.

DECEMBER 8thAnnual Christmas Banquet will be held. There is a sign-up sheet to help with decorations. Select your own theme for one of the five (5) corners. Then the tables will also be available to decorate. A sheet of theme items that you need to stay away from is available in the entry. If you have questions, check with Linda Brown.

DECEMBER 19thMorning Service will be our Christmas Cantata

MISSIONARY SPOTLIGHT: Quiz Time: 1) The Darlins minister in what country?

2) Where are the Darlins presently? 3) What was an important blessing recently for the Darlin family? 4) List some of God’s blessings for their church. 5) What did the Levesque’s letter mean by “And We Have Lift-off!”? 6) What has been the average attendance for the first month? 7) Why are they traveling this fall? 8) What is the date that Andrew Day family is leaving? 9) To what country are they flying? 10) Pastor Day has listed 11 specific requests – name a couple! UNIQUE BONUS: Request 5 references the number 2 FIVE times, name them. 1Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing.

Pastor & Linda leave tomorrow heading to FL for wedding for grandson. A stop is planned in GA to relax with friends. Pray for safety for our family travels.



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