This book was written to help the average Christian in the pew understand the Bible version debate and why it is so important to stick with the King James Version of the Bible.

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Here are some samples from the book –


Title page

Copyright noticed 2

Table of contents 3

Purpose & Introduction 4

1. Understanding The Battle Terminology 6

2. The Corruption of The New Testament 31

3. The Motley Crew Behind The Modern Bible Versions 39

4. Things That Are Different Are Not The Same 45

5. Contrasting Views Of The Scriptures: The View of The Critics and The View of Christ 51

Appendix 59


My purpose is to point out some of the basics relating to the battle raging over the different Bible versions so that the average Christian in the pew can understand what is going on and why they should use the King James Bible.


The Bible is the foundation of literally everything in New Testament Christianity! Therefore it is imperative that you have an uncorrupted Bible. If something does not have a biblical base it should be rejected. We read in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." The English word prove is a translation of the Greek word dokimazete – dokimazete (dok-im-ad’zate). The word carries the idea of proving a thing whether it is worthy or not. So, the question is, how are we to go about proving something? I believe Isaiah 8:20 gives us insight into the answer to this question – "To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this wordit is because there is no light in them." In other words, examine everything by the words of the Bible and if it does not line up, reject it!

Friends, the Bible, our King James Bible is the "GOLD STANDARD" for EVERYTHING in the Christian life2 Timothy 3:16-17 says "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works."

As I have often told my people – The Bible tells us what’s right, what’s not right, how to get right and how to stay right.

Since THE BIBLE IS SO IMPORTANT, it should come as no surprise that the true Words of God as found in our King James Bible, are under attack by our adversary the Devil, who has transformed himself into an angel of light and his ministers into ministers of righteousness (2 Corinthians 11:14-15).

Sample of what is covered in –

Chapter #1

Understanding The Battle Terminology

In order to understand the Battle over Bible versions, you first need to understand some of the battle vocabulary. Both sides in the Bible version battle toss around these unfamiliar words, and if you do not really understand the vocabulary it is hard to understand exactly what the issues are.

This is a sample of the of the words that we define and explain in this chapter –




Verbal-Plenary Inspiration

Thought-Concept Inspiration

Providential Preservation

Formal Equivalency or Literal Translation

Dynamic Equivalency or Functional Equivalency

Higher Criticism

Textual Criticism

Sample of what is covered in –

Chapter #2

The Corruption of The New Testament Text

Before we forge ahead, I want to review several important terms -- Higher criticism is a philosophy that rejects the inspiration of the Bible and treats the Bible as a text created by different people. Textual criticism is the theory that the text of the true words of the New Testament had been lost by the end of the 3rd century and it may or may not be recoverable. They believe that the New Testament remained in a corrupted state for more than 1500 years and that only in the late 19th century, through textual criticism was the process of reconstructing the true text of the New Testament even started. This reconstructed Greet New Testament is called the Critical Text,because it was reconstructed using the humanly contrived principles of textual criticism. This ever evolving Critical Text is based on early corrupted manuscripts. Critical scholars do not believe that the New Testament has been completely reconstructed, but is only in the process of being reconstructed. Therefore, no one knows for sure what it really says, because it is ever changing. There are 27 editions of the Nestle-Aland Greek Critical Text New Testament, each edition changes words in numerous places.

However there is a BIG PROBLEM with the theory of textual criticism. It is a man-made lie! The same God who inspired the Bible has also preserved the Bible. Let me share with you two additional verses that teach Bible preservation…

This chapter covers –

The Early Corruption of The New Testament and gives several examples of ages from the New Testament.

Sample of what is covered in –

Chapter #3

The Motley Crew Behind  The Modern Bible Versions


KARL LACHMANN (1793-1851)

Brooke Foss Westcott (January 121825July 271901)

John Anthony Hort (1828-1892)

EUGENE NIDA (1914- )

KURT ALAND (March 28, 1915-April 13, 1994)

BRUCE MANNING METZGER (February 9, 1914 – February 13, 2007).

Sample of what is covered in –

Chapter #4

Things That Are Different Are Not The Same!

Christian friends, THINGS THAT ARE DIFFERENT ARE NOT THE SAME! 8,000 differences should prove that point! I go on to give many examples of these differences.

Sample of what is covered in –

Chapter #5


The View of the Critics & The View of Christ

In this chapter I contrast the views of Westcott & Hort with the view Christ has of the Scriptures.


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