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  "That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God;"
 . . .  Colossians 1:10  . . .


TEXT: Proverbs 31: 10-31


In the mid 1700ís, there lived an old saintly woman, who everyone called ĎMama Newton.í She was a lady that all the children in the neighborhood wanted as their mother. She had hair like a halo of silver, hands worn with calluses, and cheeks that were stained by tears. Everyday, and every night, you would find Mama Newton crying, and praying, over her washtub, in a room of poverty, for her son John.

John had run away from home as a rebellious teenager, to become a sailor. John had become an ungodly, wicked man, who was disowned by his father, and everyone who knew him, because he was so wicked. Yet, day and night, Mama Newton kept praying that God would save, and use her wayward boy. She believed in only two things: the power of prayer, and the conversion of her son.

God, one day, answered the prayer of Mama Newton, by wroughting a miracle in the heart of her son, John Newton. As a result, John Newton, the drunken- sailor, became John Newton the sailor-preacher, who at age 54, penned the Christian national anthem: Amazing Grace! God greatly used John Newton to reach thousands, including a man by the name of Thomas Scott, who with his voice and pen, was used by God to lead thousands to Christ. Included, among them, was a man by the name of William Cowper, who penned the immortal words, "There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood,í which has brought thousands to the one who died at Calvary. All this, because of a believing, godly old mother, and her washtub prayers. 1

Abraham Lincoln once said, "Behind every great man, is a great mother." The once powerful leader of France, Napoleon, said, "Let France have great mothers, and France will have great sons." Rudyard Kipling said, "If I were hanged on the highest hill, I know whose love would follow me still." D. L. Moody, one of the greatest evangelists who ever lived said, "All that I have ever accomplished, I owe to my mother!" 2

At a memorial service for her mother, on May 10, 1908, Anna Jarvis gave a carnation, her motherís favorite flower, to everyone in attendance. Within the next few years, the idea of a day to honor mothers caught on; and, on May 9, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday in May as Motherís Day!

I donít know of anyone to whom I owe anymore than to my mother. Yet, of everything that I am grateful for, the most precious thing to me, is that I have a GODLY MOTHER! You see, letís be honest, in our day, today, godly mothers are hard to find. There are mothers, and there are good mothers. There are not only good mothers, but there are great mothers. Yet, there is all the difference in the world between a good mother, a great mother, and a Godly Mother!

Thus, in the text before us today, we read of a passage authored by King Lemuel. Nothing else is known of him, other than this chapter; but, it seems as if he is writing his own motherís resume. In so doing, in these wonderful verses, he plainly distinguishes a godly mother from all others, and he seems to convey to us the thought, that, "A Godly Mother Ainít Like No Other!" Notice, in these verses, he seeks to point that a godly mother is different from all others, because she has:


In these first verses of the text, the writer points out that a godly mother has a worth, second to none, and is unequaled. He explains what makes her worth so great by showing that:


1. Of everything else that could be said of this lady, she above all else, is a lady of virtue. Notice, the word "virtuous" that is used. VIRTUOUS (lit.): "worthy, or valiant"
2. This word speaks of the idea of a wounded soldier who is deserving of the reward that he will receive.
3. This word "virtuous" is the same Hebrew word used by God to Moses, in Exodus 18, to describe the character of the judges that He appointed.
4. Thus, the woman being referred to here, is not an ordinary one, but she is in a class all her own.
5. You see, just as the judges had to be qualified for their work, she is qualified for her work.
6. Because she loves the Lord, she lives for the Lord. She is a lady of godliness, of valor, and or virtue.

ILLUSTRATION: I remember reading of a college student who had filled the wall of his dorm room with indecent pictures. He, one day, received a surprise, unexpected visit from his mother. She never said a word about those pictures, or gave any indication that she noticed them. But, before she left she hung a picture of Christ in the middle of those other pictures. When she came back to visit, a few months later, she found that the only picture hanging on the wall, was the one she had placed there.

7. The mother described here in verse 10, is one who may not wear a badge, or blow a horn; yet, her life speaks volumes of itself. She is godly, she is valiant, and She Is A Lady Of Virtue!


Not only do we see that this godly mother is a lady of virtue, but she is a lady of value. Notice, he says that, "her price is far above rubies."
1. In the days of our text, rubies, or pearls, were considered a priceless commodity. They might be compared to gold in our day.
2. Thus, he shows that this godly mother is worth far more than even the rarest commodity. Thereís no price tag on her, for she is a lady of value.
3. As a result of her tremendous value, her husbands trusts her wholeheartedly.
4. Notice verses 11, and 12. The husband, of this godly mother, realizes how valuable she is. Thus, he is able to trust her chastity, in verse 11; and, he is able to trust her conduct, in verse 12. She, without question, is a lady of value.

Several years ago, the New York Times was asked to help a group of club women decide on the twelve greatest women in the United States. After due consideration, the editors replied, "The twelve greatest women in the United States are women who have never been heard of outside of their own homes!"

I think of a piece I read recently. It described, and defined the most creative job in the world. It said, "The most creative job in the world involves fashion, decorating, recreation, education, transportation, psychology, romance, cuisine, literature, art, economics, pediatrics, geriatrics, religion, entertainment, energy, and management. Anyone who can handle all those jobs has to be somebody special. She is. Sheís a mother!"4

7. Abraham Lincoln expressed it well, when he said, "No one is poor who has a godly mother!"
8. The godly mother described here is a rare breed. As a result, she will benefit, and bless others, "all the days of her life." She Is A Lady of Virtue, and She Is A Lady of Value. This godly mother has A Worth That Is Unequaled!

I. A Worth That Is Unequaled

  • II. A WORK THAT IS UNMATCHED (V. 13, 15, 19)

In these verses, the author moves from a godly mothersí unequaled worth, to her unmatched work. He describes in great detail the labor, travail, and work that she involves herself in. He outlines her unmatched work by showing that:


1. The writer explains that the unmatched work of a godly mother is a desired work. For, he tells us that she "willingly worketh with her hands." Notice the word "willingly" that he uses. WILLINGLY (lit.): "with pleasure, or desire"
2. The word gives the picture of one who volunteers to perform a duty.
3. Thus, we see that this woman is one who is so motivated, that she does this work out of a desire of her own heart.
4. You need not pump, nor prime her to get it done, she does it with pleasure, and desire. She does it willingly.
5. Itís not a matter of influence, but a matter of impulsion. Itís not a matter of pride, but a matter of passion. Itís not a matter of compulsion, but a matter of conviction!
6. She loves God, and the family that God has entrusted to her; and, thus, she seeks to provide for them, and please them. Itís not a work one must get to do, It Is A Desired Work!


1. Not only do we see that her unmatched work is a desired work, but itís also a devoted work.
2. The desired work displays her Submission, while the devoted work displays her Sacrifice.
3. Verse 15 informs us that she is not one to stay up all night, and sleep all day. But, she "riseth while it is yet night," and gives up her own rest to make sure that others needs are met.
4. She seeks not her own, but always seeks out the needs of others. She not only desires the work, but she is devoted to the work.

Susan Lang, in her book, Women With Children, says that the average mother spends 3.5 more hours a week doing housework than a woman without children. Plus, she spends 11 hours a week on child related activities. This adds up to an additional 754 hours of work every year, the equivalent of three months of 12-hour, 5-day work weeks. 5
6. The mother described here, in verse 15, is the one who, though she may work herself, she labors to get supper on time, and stays up late to take care of things for tomorrow. She is not only a woman of submission, but of
sacrifice. Her work Is A Devoted Work!


1. Not only is her work a desired work, and a devoted work, but it is a dedicated work. While her desired work shows her Submission, and her devoted work shows her Sacrifice; her dedicated work shows her Steadfastness.
2. Notice, again the words, "She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff."
3. The words "layeth, and hold" are words used to describe persistence, perseverance, and dedication.
4. The words "spindle, and distaff" are words that are used to describe the symbols of her honor. Thus, she desires the work, and devoted to the work; but, she is dedicated to the work, and will not stop until the job is completed.

I think of a story I once read of two small boys who gave their mother a house plant for Motherís Day. They had used their own money to buy it, and to say the least, the mother was thrilled. The oldest boy said, "There was a bouquet that we wanted to buy, but it was too expensive. It was really pretty, and had a ribbon on it that said, ĎRest In Peace.í We thought that it would be just perfect, since you always are asking for a little peace so you can rest!"
5. However, this mother will not rest until the job is finished. It Is A Desired Work, It Is A Devoted Work, and It Is A Dedicated Work. Her desire shows her submission, her devotion shows her sacrifice, and her dedication shows her steadfastness. She, without a doubt, has A Work That Is Unmatched!

I. A Worth That Is Unequaled
II. A Work That Is Unmatched


We move to one of the most beautiful, and wonderful traits of this godly mother. For, she not only has a worth that is unequaled, and a work that is unmatched; but, she has a wisdom that is unfeigned. It is pure, sincere, and true wisdom, and:


1. The writer informs us that her mouth is filled with wisdom, and there is wisdom in what she speaks.
2. She may not speak much, but when she does, you can bet, that thereís wisdom in it.
3. Ruth Bell Graham well described this wisdom, when she wrote: "With such prayers importunate, That my finite wisdom would assail, Infinite Wisdom, God, how fortunate, That Infinite Wisdom would prevail!" 6
4. When she speaks it seems as if heaven itself has spoken, and the wisdom of the Almighty has shone through. She speaks words of truth, words of help, and words of wisdom.

I think of G. Campbell Morganís four sons, who were all preachers. A friend of the family came into their den, when all the family was there, and they asked one of the sons, named Howard, "Who is the greatest preacher in your family?" Howard had a great admiration for his father, the greatest Bible expositor who ever lived. He looked straight at his father, and without hesitation, replied, "The greatest preacher in our family is Mother!"
5. I donít know about you, but thereís been times when Iíve asked my mother a question, and her answer wasnít the answer I was looking for.
6. Yet, as I look back, she may have not told me what I wanted to hear; but, her words were what I needed to hear. I, firsthand, saw that There Is Wisdom In What She Speaks!


1. Not only does she display wisdom in what she speaks, but also in what she shuns.
2. Notice, again, the last part of verse 27, she "eateth not the bread of idleness."
3. Thus, here is the picture of one who hates to sit and do nothing.
4. She has preached, and she has practiced, that ĎAn Idle Mind Is The Devilís Playground!í So, she fills up her time, so that none of it will be lost.
5. No doubt, she has memorized Solomonís words in chapter 19, verse 15, when he said, "Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; and an idle sold shall suffer hunger."
6. One will not find this godly mother being slothful, or lazy. For, There Is Wisdom In What She Speaks, and There Is Wisdom In What She Shuns. She has A Wisdom That Is Unfeigned!

I. A Worth That Is Unequaled
II. A Work That Is Unmatched
III. A Wisdom That Is Unfeigned


The author concludes this section by not only showing us this godly motherís worth that is unequaled, work that is unmatched, and wisdom that is unfeigned; but, her wealth that is unshared. Though her wealth may not be that on the worldís scale, her wealth is calculated, and demonstrated:


1. It doesnít take long to see that her family knows how valuable she is. For, "Her children arise up, and call her blessed."
2. Notice, they are praising her Person. For, she is not receiving praise, necessarily, for what she has done; but, for who she is.
3. Sure, theyíre aware, and appreciative of all the acts of kindness and love she has shown to them. But, theyíre praising the woman who has shown it. They are the first to stand up, and speak up to praise her person.

It is said, that after one of the awful battles of the Civil War, a dying Confederate soldier asked to see the chaplain. When the chaplain came, to his surprise, the first thing the soldier asked was for him to cut off a lock of his hair for his mother. Then, he asked the chaplain to kneel, and thank God. The chaplain asked, "What am I thanking God for?" The wounded soldier replied, "Thank Him for giving me such a godly mother, that so influenced my life, that Iím now save, and ready to meet the Lord!"

4. The family of this blessed saint realize what a precious jewel she is, and they praise her person. Yet, not only is she praised for her person, but for her Position.
5. Notice, the last part of verse 29, "but thou excellest them all."
6. Here is a lady with not only an excellent person, but an excellent position. One might ask, "Where does a godly mother rank in relation to others?" The writer says that she "excellest them all!"

I remember reading of a little boy who forgot his lines in a Sunday School play. His mother sat in the front row to help him, and she gestured and formed the words with her lips, but it didnít help the boy, for his mind was blank. Finally, the mother leaned forward, and whispered his cue, "I am the light of the world." The child beamed with relief, then blurted out the words, "My mother is the light of the world!"

7. Yes, this godly mother is the light to her family. Dad, children, you better thank God everyday you live, if Heís blessed you with a godly mother. You need to recognize her person, and realize her position. 
8. This lady might not be the wife of Bill Gates, but she is a wealthy mother. It is demonstrated By The Praise Of Her Family!


1. She is a mother who not only receives her wealth by the praise of her family, but by the praise from her Father.
2. She may or may not be an outward beauty, but thatís not her secret. Her secret is that "she feareth the Lord."
3. Thus, by pleasing Him, He is praising her! She has found a special place in the heart of God.
4. Her true beauty is within, for she has learned what it takes to please the Lord.
5. Ladies, let me ask you, "Do you want to be a great mother?" Then, memorize Proverbs 31:30. Regardless of how you measure up to Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Taylor, you set your heart to fear Him, and to please Him. As a result, you will not only be a great servant, but it will make you a great mother. Youíll be wealthy By The Praise From Your Father!


1. This godly mother is not only wealthy because of the praise of her family, and the praise from her Father; but, by the praise for her fruits.
2. All she has endeavored, and will endeavor to do, will be blessed.
3. She need not boast of herself, but "her own works will praise her in the gates." She will receive praise for her works, and for her fruits.
4. You remember, in Acts 9, the death of a lady named Dorcas. After she had died, and was buried, the widows gave a display of the coats and garments she had made for the poor. Even after her death, the fruit of her hands lived on.
5. Ladies, donít you think for one minute, that youíre not leaving an impression on you family by the life you live. You see, your testimony will bear witness of you even after your death. So, you stand for God, and you serve God, and even after you leave this world, your work for the Lord will go on, and bear fruit.
6. The lady described here is one who has amassed a great wealth. Again, it may be the wealth of monetary terms, but it is a wealth demonstrated By The Praise Of Her Family, By The Praise From Her Father, and By The Praise For Her Fruits. She is a millionaire on heavenís books, and she has A Wealth That Is Unshared!

Of all the godly mothers that I have read of, and heard of, there is one that has left an eternal impression on me. This godly mother was born on March 1, 1932, into the home of a poor coal miner. She was born again November 1957. She married a soul-winning preacher on September 29, 1965, and labored all her life to raise a little, chubby, red-headed boy; and, after her husband died on April 9, 1982, she was forced to raise him alone. This godly mother endured a 2 1\2 year span when she didnít get to speak a word to her rebellious son. Yet, she tried always to make sure that he had the best through high school and college. She watched, with a broken heart, as her boy played the game of religion, while living the life of the world. Yet, she faithfully prayed, every morning, at 5:30, that God would save, and use her boy. God, finally , answered the prayer of this godly mother on August 10, 1985, when he saved her boy. One year later, another prayer was answered, when God called him to preach. This godly motherís life verse is Psalm 73: 25-26, which says, "Whom have I in heaven but thee? And there is none upon earth that I desire but thee. My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." This godly mother, above all else, walks with God, and lives a holy live. She is a living testimony that "A Godly Mother Ainít Like No Other!" This godly mother is my mother, Eva Lou Wagers, and she is the godliest woman I know, and my spiritual hero!

I ask you, mom, do you want to be the best mother you can be? Do you want to be the mother that God has designed for you to be? Then, donít just be a good mother, or a great mother; but, be a godly mother, and follow the instructions of Proverbs 31. The writer has set a godly mother apart from all others. He has shown that she has A Worth That Is Unequaled, A Work That Is Unmatched, A Wisdom That Is Unfeigned, and A Wealth That Is Unshared. Think what you will, but I believe that you would agree with me, when I say, that, "A Godly Mother Ainít Like No Other!"

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